The International Journal of Energy and Environment (IJEE) is the official journal of the International Energy and Environment Foundation (IEEF). The journal is a multi-disciplinary, peer-reviewed open access journal, covering all areas of energy and environment related fields that apply to the science and engineering communities. The journal enjoys the full support of the IEEF, who provide funds to cover all costs of publication, including the Article Processing Charges for all authors. Therefore the journal is both free to read and free to publish in for everyone. IJEE aims to promote rapid communication and dialogue among researchers, scientists, and engineers working in the areas of energy and environment. The journal provides a focus for activities concerning the development, assessment and management of energy and environment related programs. The emphasis is placed on original research, both analytical and experimental, which is of permanent interest to engineers and scientists, covering all aspects of energy and environment. It is hoped that this journal will prove to be an important factor in raising the standards of discussion, analyses, and evaluations relating to energy and environment programs. All manuscripts with significant research results in the areas of energy and environment and their application are welcome.


The scope of the journal encompasses the following:


Int. J. Energy Environ.  (IJEE)

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  • Fuel cells and their applications.

  • Hydrogen energy.

  • Photovoltaic technology conversion.

  • Solar thermal applications.

  • Wind energy.

  • Hydro energy.

  • Biomass and bioenergy.

  • Wave and tide energy.

  • Geothermal energy.

  • Fuel flexibility and alternatives.

  • Micro- and nano-energy systems and technologies.

  • Hybrid / integrated energy systems.

  • Eco-design of energy-related products.

  • Energy conversion, conservation and management.

  • Energy efficient buildings.

  • Energy storage.

  • Energy generation.

  • Energy modelling and prediction.

  • Energy and sustainable development.

  • Renewable energy.

  • Green electric and electronics.

  • Energy efficiency and sustainability inherent in heritage places.

  • Smart and energy materials.

  • Fluid mechanics and thermodynamics (when clearly related to power and energy systems or their components), including CFD, heat transfer and combustion.


  • Energy and environmental impact.

  • Thermal, acoustic, visual, air quality building science and human impacts.

  • Solutions for mitigating environmental impacts and achieving low carbon, sustainable built environments.

  • Technologies and integrated systems for high performance buildings and cities.

  • Tools for the design and decision-making community, including tested computational, economic, educational and policy tools.

  • Environment and sustainable development.

  • Quality assurance / control.

  • Emissions reduction.

  • Waste management.

  • Evaluation and management of environmental risk and safety.

  • Advanced visualization techniques, virtual environments and prototyping.